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Identity & Self

Who am I? It's easy to feel lost in our identity when we've been used to defining ourselves with our mind, body, age, gender, race, nationality, thoughts, memories, experiences, emotions, actions, possessions, job, relationships, failures and achievements...

When we've been taught to look outside of ourselves and let others' opinions determine our self-worth, marked with restrictive labels, putting ourselves in a suffocating box, we have lost ourselves, completely disempowered in the ability to be, disowned of the most fundamental right to be our true authentic selves!

To make things more complicated, we each have multiple selves as we take on different roles as a son, daughter, mother, father, wife, brother...We split and compartmentalize our identity into roles. And we perform these roles in different circumstances.

We’re all actors, taking on a dozen roles. The problem is that we’ve tricked ourselves into believing these roles are real, creating more split and confusion.

On the quest for Self, we are invited to shed the false selves and the masks, return to our own oneness to finally allow our true authentic self to bring all aspects of us into coherence and alignment.

We can then live a life true to our values and pursue our purpose!


When we give power to others and to life's circumstances to affect our well-being and our sense of Self, when we constantly doubt ourselves and feel threatened by others and life, we give our power away, giving up on our rights and sovereignty.

Once we acknowledge that we have no control over others and circumstances but always have a choice to be who we want to be, feel the way we want to feel and respond in the most healthy and fulfilling way, we stay in our power, beautifully grounded and centred in the seat of Self.

Being in our power is aligning with the truth of who we are, aligning and agreeing with our true Self, knowing our truth, owning our worthiness and daring to stand out wherever we belong!

Being in our power is allowing ourselves to be 100% ourselves as well as allowing others to be 100% themselves!


There is an assumption that confident people never experience anxiety and discomfort, but this isn't really true. 

Rather confident people know how to relax with a healthy detachment, in the sweet surrender of what is, not trying to control, not always having to know what to do and what to say.

We experience unworthiness, low self-esteem and insecurities when we forget who we are and carry a belief of not being enough.

We can rest in the strong conviction that we are enough, nowhere to go, nothing to get, no need to grow more deserving.

We are enough because We Are...

When we relax into simply being, we are in the flow and experience grace and ultimate confidence!

Body ailments

The human body is an incredibly complex and intelligent machine made of matter and energy.

The body is an organic whole of matter where all systems, organs and cells are interconnected.

Each cell, each organ and each system vibrate a certain energy or information.

Fears & Phobias

In times of change and uncertainty, it is completely normal to feel fear.

And what's interesting about this emotion is that our response to fear is often what makes it last.

Fear of the unknown, anxiety of rejection, helplessness and lack of control over events paralyze us and prevent us from moving forward or taking action. It is our resistance to facing our fears that amplify that fear.

We live our present, paralyzed by worries and negative thoughts, we're scared of repeating the past and we are preoccupied with the future.

So the most effective thing we can do is to bring our attention, our presence back to the present. Recognize our fears.

Take a step back, and detach from our fears; we are not our fears. 

Our fears are not real, our mind would have us believe…

All fears are generated from within when we are disconnected from our truth.

From this place of darkness and despair, we manifest our greatest fears and nightmares as we falsely believe them to be real.

We must acknowledge, clear and release all negative memories and energies within our mental, physical, emotional and etheric structure. 

All that is not in harmony with higher frequency patterns must be transmuted, transformed or lifted, and it can be accomplished by becoming aware of the core beliefs which don't resonate with our inner truth of love and light.

Fear cannot exist where there is love, where there is light.

Let's remember who we are, find the courage to face our fears head-on and embrace them with love and light to finally see them fade away as we realise they were only the manifestation of our limiting beliefs.

Within our DNA, is encoded, information inherited from the ancestral lineage and past lives with unresolved imprints that are dormant and are awaiting to be reactivated when the opportunity for healing and transformation is available. 

We choose a certain family lineage, a human body that will serve the best the soul's growth.

The body is the first physical manifestation and expression of the energies or the information that are active in our consciousness whether we are aware of it or not.

A physical symtom or ailment is the body's expression of misalignment and distress caused by a strong limiting belief.

When a physical symptom appears, we are invited to see that nothing bad is happening to us, we're not being punished but rather the body is doing its best to bring us into an awareness of what needs understanding and healing to bring us back into alignment with our true essence.


We are not our body yet we are never separate from it.

Miracles happen when we learn to dialogue with it and develop a caring and loving relationship with our body.

Healing our relationship with Money and the Abundance work is one of the most challenging works yet immensely rewarding as we experience a profound inner transformation to transcend our personal inner wounds, as well as, rise above the pressure of the deeply embedded and distorted beliefs in the collective consciousness.

Revisiting our lives and healing the emotions of shame, fear, scarcity, limitation, anxiety and guilt, whether we've experienced being rich or poor or both is essential to release the blockages, learn a healthy money mindset and know real Abundance.

The Abundance work is so much more than our relationship to money.

Our limiting beliefs about money and Abundance speak about our core beliefs about ourselves, our outer world is the reflection of our inner world. 

So once again, when we remember who we are, how enough we are, and how worthy and deserving we are, we can open ourselves to real Abundance, limitless and bountiful!

So when we're going through some financial difficulties and loss, we are invited to shift perspective and see the trials as blessed opportunities to realise our inner richness to really once again turn our focus inwards to see how abundant we are in love, intelligence and spirit!

Realise your inner Abundance to manifest your Abundance in all areas of your life!


All relationships teach us about the most important relationship, the one that we have with ourselves.

Every encounter we experience throughout our lives, whether it's with a total stranger or a life-long partner, reflects back aspects of us and some invaluable insights are being offered if we are willing to stop focusing on the other and are open to receiving the gift.

With mindfulness and conscious awareness in our interaction with others, we can bring the unbalanced aspects of us into coherence again, in alignment with the truth of our true nature.

Instead of connecting with others from a place of need, lack and fear, when we nurture our relationship with ourselves by attending to our needs first, developing self-acceptance and self-love, and staying anchored in a sense of Self, being strong in our individuality, in being one, singular and unique, we can meet the other being already whole and complete.

A relationship is about two people, two stories, two belief systems, two lots of wounds, two perspectives and two truths.

When we acknowledge that every one of us is unique, on our own unique journey, we can meet others in that place where no one is better or lesser, where there is no race and competition, where there's no need to be right and where being different is an asset for diversity and expansion.

When we find wholeness in being one, we can meet others beyond our singularities, realising that we are the same, parts of a larger whole!

oneness to Oneness

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