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See for Yourself

I was in a period of my life where I had a lot of fears. I was nervous speaking in front of people, including on the phone. I was scared of anything and everything, especially during the covid-19 pandemic situation.  I met Tania through an acquaintance. I found in front of me (via Zoom because I live in France) a lovely person, very attentive and who found the words to bring me to recovery after a few coaching sessions and a session of hypnosis. I was a little worried before the hypnosis. She reassured me with her soft and soothing voice. Since then I am healed and free.
I am a new person!
I now speak with ease and confidence even to the people I meet for the first time. 
I'm not even afraid of death anymore. It was my deepest fear behind all my other fears. I am so grateful for it was a life-changing experience. Plus, I know I can go back to her for anything. Thanks again Tania.


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