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Mind  Body  Spirit  Healing

A Hypnotherapy session lasts 1.5 hours. 

One session covers one aspect or layer of the presenting issue you wish to work on.

Under Hypnosis, you are guided to open your subconscious data and connect to all the energies activated in your mind, body and personal energy field regarding a presenting issue, limiting belief or a physical symptom.

We then follow your subconscious's wisdom and messages to unravel what is ready to be healed and transformed.

  • Understand-Heal the primary imprint & Transform the wounded and limited part of Self

  • Reconnect with your authentic Self

  • Rewrite your past and install new empowering beliefs!

  All services can be -in person (London) or -online via Skype or Zoom. Both have the same efficiency and results.

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In between sessions, you can choose to get a hypnosis or meditation audio to support you in your healing process and reprogram the subconscious mind.
On our healing journey, we learn to return to Self and commit to ourselves in becoming a loving and responsible parent for ourselves with daily self-care, self-nourishment, self-compassion and self-love.


Healing the Mind

Through Hypnosis, we can access our subconscious Mind to understand, heal and free ourselves from our past programming.
Freeing ourselves from self-limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs, shedding the old ideas, and cutting out anything that is not us.
We are not our mind, but we are the one in control of it when we learn to observe with a healthy detachment the flow of our thoughts, clean our
mind space regularly, let go of the past, script our future and live in the present!

      Mindfulness       Meditation       Mindset

Mindfulness is a practice of moment-to-moment awareness which leads to insights and peace. Mindfulness helps us be more present in everything we do so we live more fully, intentionally and consciously.

Meditation allows us to move through life's discomforts with greater ease. Meditation is an invitation to connect to our heart, our inner temple, where we can sit and listen to our needs and inner guidance to rest, heal and replenish.

We can overcome and achieve anything with a great mindset. Choose to expand with a growth mindset believing that any skills and abilities can be developed through learning from past experiences and being open to change.

Try the free meditations, hypnosis, and coaching videos on my youtube channel, or get your tailor-made and personalised audio or book your private coaching session!

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Healing the Body

Our physical body is the vessel hosting our true essence as an eternal energy being.

Understanding that we are not our body, that our body is the conduit for experiencing and expressing our essence and accepting the limitations of our humanness are the necessary steps to incarnate with grace and power our divinity into our humanity.

Can we develop appreciation and gratitude for our body, learning to connect with it through acceptance and love for our body as it is?

When we become an ally to this sacred form, knowing it's always doing its best for our highest good, we can truly appreciate the teamwork as our body consistently shows us which part of us needs healing to bring ourselves back into harmony and health again.

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Healing the Spirit

Remembering our soul's plan

We plan our lives before any incarnation, choosing our family, life partners, trials and adversities to serve the soul's growth and evolution.

We can choose to learn, by contrast, we then take on more challenging experiences, but the growth is accelerated or

we can choose to learn by example and emulation.

Even if we forgot, it was our solely choice to incarnate!

Choices, in all aspects of the plan, are to heal the wounds and limiting beliefs, primarily present on the level of our soul.

Our soul is called to a specific family lineage, a unique human mind and body that match our soul's primary beliefs we want to heal.

When the healing of the mind and body serves the healing and the expansion of our soul, when we allow our soul and our human vessel to meet in mutual acknowledgement and deep gratitude for this amazing partnership, we're coming back home and awaken to the truth of our identity. 

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