A 3 hours RTT Hypnotherapy session comes with 2 coaching sessions. During these sessions, you'll learn complementary tools combining Mindset, Mindfulness and Meditation to enhance your transformation.

  All services can be -in person or -online via Skype or Zoom. Both have the same efficiency and results.

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3 hours hypnotherapy session

Hypnotic regression

Get to the root cause of your issue

Understand, Free yourself and Eradicate the old belief

Choose and install new empowering beliefs

Reprogram your subconscious mind with your personalised  transformation audio

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We can overcome and achieve anything with a great mindset. Chose to expand with a growth mindset believing that any skills and abilities can be developed through learning from mistakes and being open to the new.

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Mindfulness is a practice of moment to moment awareness which leads to insights and peace. Mindfulness helps us to be more present in everything we are doing so we live more fully, more intentionally and more consciously.
Meditation allows us to move through life discomforts with greater ease. Meditation is an invitation to connect to your heart, your inner temple where you can sit and get to know yourself better to rest, heal and replenish.


Helping Hand


We offer a mentorship service as a team or separately depending on the cases and our clients' needs.
The mentorship is 3 months of therapy alliance combining 2 RTT sessions/month and complementary weekly or daily follow-up and coaching sessions to meet our clients' outcome in the best successful way.